AR’s Next Conquest: Your Neighborhood Shopping Center

Brookfield Properties is beginning to offer AR ad inventory throughout its shopping centers. This involves making 150 million square feet of “airspace” available for virtual ad placement. How will this play out and what’s the opportunity in geolocated AR? We examine.

Inspecting the Plumbing on Nextdoor’s Upcoming SPAC IPO

We just got a chance to look at the presentation that the Nextdoor team assembled for the purposes of pitching its proposed SPAC IPO to investors. So we figured we would do a follow-up piece to our earlier post, with extra attention to some of the details that Nextdoor has shared. We believe Nextdoor is […]

Chatmeter Report Shows Small Restaurant Brands Understand CX

Some restaurant brands get the whole customer experience thing better than others. Chatmeter, a customer experience platform for multi-location brands, has just released a report, Top Restaurant Brands of 2021, that identifies 10 brands that deliver the best experiences, based on a review of listings, reviews, and rankings over the past year. Chatmeter devised a […]