Instawork Raises $60 Million to Solve a Very 2021 Challenge

We might consider today an Insta day since we’ll have written about Instacart and now a company that has just raised $60 million called Instawork. We know that Instacart is a grocery delivery app that is transitioning into an advertising and social network app. So what is Instawork? Instawork is a digital marketplace for connecting […]

Food Delivery to Social Advertising – A Look at Instacart’s Future

For some time we’ve speculated that the San Francisco-based grocery delivery company Instacart would go public. We assumed this would happen once the company got its advertising engine revved up. well, the industry learned earlier this week that Instacart has a new CEO, brought in from the outside. Fidji Simo, one of the higher-ranking executives […]


A new segment of consumers has emerged out of the pandemic, the DIY (Do It Yourself) consumer. They cross generational and demographic divides and the trend toward DIY isn’t limited to home improvements and a makers market as they have become increasingly dependent on digital tools. Consumers are demonstrating a need for Information, Independence, and […]

Place Rewind: Yext’s Quest for Answers

Those who follow Yext know that it is on an ongoing quest to answer consumers’ questions directly. Its Answers line of products eschews the common search paradigm of link-based results. We discussed with CDO Christian Ward at Localogy Place.