Can a “MasterClass for Trades” Solve the Skills Gap?

We’ve all seen the ads for MasterClass. Learn the art of making moves from Ron Howard. Let Robert DeNiro teach you how to act. The product is ripe for parody and critics say many classes are mere collections of platitudes. But it’s also valued at $2.5 billion. So here’s the high-concept pitch. It’s just like […]

Another Oasis of Sales Intelligence?

I spent a fair amount of time working with a sales enablement platform some years back. So I am always interested to learn about any new sales tools out there. We came across Seattle-based Outreach this week when it announced a fresh $200 million funding round. This latest round adds to the almost half a […]

Marketing in the New Normal

It is time to face the facts: As a society, we are not “going back to normal.” But is that such a bad thing? Over the last year and a half, we have learned so much about ourselves as consumers, our communities, and what we really want. From shopping online in their underwear at 2 […]

Yext Boosts Service & Support

Yext today signaled an elevated commitment to service and support by creating a new role… and filling it. Retroactively effective June 1st, Joe Jorczak will occupy the newly minted seat of Head of Industry for Service and Support. He brings 20+ years of customer-oriented experience to the role (more on that in a bit). So […]