Place Rewind: What’s Location Data’s UX Impact?

How does location data impact the user experience that plays out several steps downstream? And what’s the state of the Art in location intelligence? We tackle these questions in an interview with Gimbal — the topic of this week’s Place Rewind.

Nextdoor Makes It Easier to Find Free Stuff

Yesterday we wrote about a company called Venn raising $60 million to scale something it calls Neighborhood-as-a-Service (NaaS). It may sound a little silly, but the company seems to have gained some traction in convincing landlords that creating communities and not just places to live impacts their bottom lines. Today Nextdoor, arguably the O.G. of […]

Does Urban Company = Angi For India?

For a long time, we’ve tracked the coveted home services market. One reason for our sustained interest in the home services space is our heritage as the key hub for the multi-billion Yellow Pages industry. If there was a single category that defined Yellow Pages it was home services. So the news that the Indian […]