Evocalize’s Rapid Growth Validates Collaborative Marketing Approach

The Seattle-based collaborative marketing platform company Evocalize has just reported a 400% increase in new customer acquisition from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. While this is an impressive feat in normal times, it’s even more remarkable during a pandemic. The company has also doubled its headcount. And, finally, it has opened a second office in […]

TikTok Pulls Ahead of Instagram Among U.S. Gen-Z Users

TikTok just passed a considerable milestone: unseating the mighty Instagram. It has pulled ahead in Gen-Z users in the U.S. It’s also on pace to catch up to Snapchat on the same measure by 2025.  We examine strategic implications.

Do Earned Wage Access Tools Make Workers More Productive?

We no longer buy disposable cameras when we go on vacation. Because we have smartphones. We no longer make our own playlists (or mixtapes for you GenXers). Because we have Spotify. Soon we may no longer let our employers determine when we get paid. Because we have fintech. This thought was triggered this week when […]