Leadferno Looks to Make Modern Communication Easy for SMBs

Leadferno … Last March, when we spoke with Aaron Weiche for a debrief on the process he went through in selling GatherUp to Traject, one thought sat in the back of our minds. Sooner or later he’d part ways with his new owner and start something new. We were right. But it wasn’t exactly a […]

ADP Leans Forward with New “Roll” App

We’re not sure how we missed this one, but we did. About a month ago, the large payroll company ADP announced the launch of their new app call Roll by ADP. So why do we think this is big news? For starters, it is one example of an old-line company — ADP was found 72 […]

Amazon: The New King of Apparel Sales

We continue to see signals for e-commerce’s rise. The latest milestone is that Amazon has unseated Walmart as the leading U.S. retailer for apparel sales. This has key implications for large and small businesses.