Google Says It’ll Soon Be Done with Individual Trackers

Back in January, Google announced it was phasing out third-party cookies on its Chrome browsers. It did so under public and competitive pressure to do more on privacy. But the search giant said it would take two years to phase out cookies. This week Google added to that message by announcing it would not replace […]

Walmart Beefs Up Online Marketplace

big commerce

Walmart has Amazon in its crosshairs. Its latest move came with the recent deal with BigCommerce to boost product libraries and become more of a one stop shopping destination.

Wix Nibbles at the Restaurant Vertical with SpeedETab Acquisition

Earlier this week, Wix announced it was stepping deeper into the important restaurant and food vertical. The Israeli-based company will power up its offerings for restaurants by pulling Miami-based SpeedETab into its ecosystem. The acquisition will bolster Wix’s efforts in the dining sector via its Wix Restaurants play.  So a bit more about SpeedETab. We […]