Olo’s Overnight Success Has Been 16 Years in the Making

 We have written much about he the changes in the restaurant and dining space in the past. This ranges from the challenges restaurants face from the major delivery apps to shifts in consumer behavior driven by the pandemic. We learned last week of another important player in this space looking to raise money in the […]

Benchmark Bytes: SMBs Buying Fintech are All About Bundling

Benchmark Bytes is a series that examines Localogy’s original data on SMB tech deployment. Based on its recent Small Business Trends report, each installment drills down on a data excerpt and draws out meaning for Localogy Insider readers.

A customer-centric strategy to lead generation


Are you enabling your clients to be more customer-centric? Though most businesses would nod and say ‘yes’ the truth is only 14% of marketers can confidently say their company really focuses on customer-centricity. Placing the customer at the core of the business can help your clients build loyalty, fuel retention, and pave the way for […]