Spotzer Rolls Out Sales as a Service as New Avenue for Growth, Retention

We’ve seen a proliferation of “blank”-as-a-service models over the years. Everyone knows software-as-a-service. That model has worked so well in scaling businesses to unicorn status that it has naturally produced a host of progeny. We’ve seen platform-as-a-service. And transportation-as-a-service. Restaurant-as-a-service is another offshoot we’ve written about here on Localogy Insider. Another iteration of this formulation […]

Endurance Acquires, Renames as Newfold Digital

Clearlake Capital today announced the completion of its $3 billion acquisition of Endurance International. It will also partner with Siris Capital to form Newfold Digital, a rollup that combines the products of Endurance and

Seven Ways to Support Small Businesses

When we first began writing about small business issues, it was a rare occasion to hear small business discussed outside of insider circles. Now, it’s hard to scroll through Twitter or an Apple News feed and not see coverage and conversation about the fate of U.S. small businesses.  So as we come across interesting items […]

Vertical Location will Change Customer Attribution Forever

cell phone

If you’re looking to do customer attribution in a multi-story building, you basically have two options. One way is to install beacons all over the building. Whenever someone passes by the beacon, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors in their phone log their location. The main advantage of this approach is accuracy. By placing beacons in […]