Are Cloud Kitchens Having a Moment ?

We’ve written on and off about cloud kitchens, or some prefer the term ghost kitchens, here at the Insider. These are kitchens designed purely for home meal delivery. No tables, no bar, no waitstaff. And no bowl of mints at the maĆ®tre d’ stand. Cloud kitchen companies are proliferating around the world, from LA to […]

Who’s Winning the Cloud?

Okta aggregates its internal data to show which SaaS platforms are getting the most annual logins. Who came out on top and why? We dive into the data and strategic implications.

2012 Called and It Wants its Predictions Back

You know how it is on the web. You follow some links and find yourself somewhere you didn’t expect to be. Such was the case for me the other day. I am not really even sure what I was looking for or doing when I landed on a Mashable post written by Erica Swallow titled […]