‘Back of the Building’ SMB Solution Xentral Nabs $20 Million from Sequoia

It’s hard enough keeping track of all the companies here in the U.S. building cool stuff for small businesses. Even so, we’re always looking to learn about how startups around the world are solving problems for SMBs with software. In that vein, we just learned about a German start-up called Xentral that is focused on […]

Visa’s Plaid Acquisition Thwarted by Regulatory Snags

The leadership team at the data-driven fintech Plaid didn’t like the holding pattern they were stuck in waiting for regulators to approve Visa’s pending $5.3 billion acquisitions of the company. So they’ve decided to pack it in and forge ahead as an independent company. In a blog post earlier this week, Plaid Co-founder Zack Perret […]