Kenshoo Buys Signals Analytics to Help Brands Adapt to New Normal

Sometimes company founders celebrate a deal over champagne. Or maybe over a fancy dinner. But the respective CEOs of Kenshoo and Signals Analytics had another idea. Instead, they celebrated their recent combination with a surfing outing at one of Israel’s famous Mediterranean beaches. Kenshoo recently acquired the AI-driven marketing intelligence firm for an undisclosed sum. […]

Video Vault: AirTank Brings Headless eCommerce to SMBs

The latest company to meet the moment for eCommerce’s inflection is AirTank. Specializing in a headless approach to SMB eCommerce enablement, we dove into its drivers and dynamics on a recent episode of Localogy Insider.

Predictions Watch: Amazon CTO Shares What’s in Store for 2021

Who’s Werner Vogels? Well, he just happens to be the CTO at Amazon. You know, the $1.5 trillion book (and everything else) seller. We figured he’s as good a guide as anyone to what might happen in 2021, given his perch near the helm of the good ship Amazon. So here’s what Werner has to […]