Broadly and Bosch Car Service Partner to Amp Up Customer Experience

Broadly recently announced a deal with Bosch Car Service to provide its shops with Broadly’s customer experience toolkit. This means solutions to help businesses connect with modern consumers. For example, web chat, text messaging, automated review requests, and contactless payments. Broadly is one among several companies in the local space that has pivoted from reviews […]

20 Billion Square Feet at Stake & Other Reflections on the Office’s Future

Last week I read a long viral Twitter thread about the future of the office. The thread got me thinking about and reflecting on the great report on remote work Charles Laughlin authored for Localogy members. The thread from Chris Herd, founder and CEO of a company called FirstbaseHQ, indicates that he’s talked with more than […]

Profiling the New Local Shopper

Given the new normal’s rapidly shifting consumer behavior, the marketing playbook has been upended. Groundtruth has taken this to heart by adding curbside-pickup loyalists to its audience targeting segments. We explain how.