Localogy 20/20: The Golden Ticket — Customer Intent

Aside from bringing great insights to the local space for years now, Duane Forrester of Yext is also a first-rate guitar maker. But that is a topic for another session. In our session, Duane and I touched on a number of key topics. Duane’s knowledge is vast. What Duane brings to the discussion beyond knowledge […]

Localogy 20/20: The Top Line Impact of 5G Rollouts

5G has become quite a buzzword and probably overused in a lot of marketing. But it’s a legitimate technology that will bring us much more than just faster networks.  Yes, 5G will be up to 100 times faster than 4G in some cases, but its advantages are more about what those higher speeds can accomplish […]

Localogy 20/20: How Will Radio Continue to Change?

At Localogy’s Place conference last fall (which incidentally seems like 8 years ago), iHeart’s Eric Hadley introduced us to the concept of “share of ear.” Today at Localogy 20/20 he revisited that principle and expanded on several other concepts that orbit the business opportunities for audio content. For those unfamiliar with the share-of-ear construct, the […]

Localogy 20/20: Product Management 2020

Before moderating my session today with Ryan Cantor, I had never really had a conversation with him. Not that I didn’t know about Ryan’s work at Thryv. And it’s not that our paths hadn’t crossed somewhere in the crazy world of local. We just had never had a chance to really talk. And talk we […]

Localogy 20/20: CRM – Now a Must Have, Must Use Solution

One of the sessions with panelists I was most excited to moderate was today’s session on the status and future of what we’ve come to know as CRM. On this panel today I was lucky enough to be able to engage with Adi Engel of vCita, George Bilbrey of SignPpost, and my long time industry […]

Localogy 20/20: Eating Out Meets Curbside Delivery Meets Delivery

In this panel session, we discuss the world of restaurant and food delivery. We had Peter Curzon of Yelp, Jon Sewell who has started a co-operative restaurant delivery service, and Carl Osbourne who runs Deliver the Dish, which provides “support to restaurants to become better at delivery and off-premise.” Carl used to lead operations at a […]

Localogy 20/20: Shifting Innovation Hubs

In our discussion today at Localogy 20/20, investor Michael Yang, managing partner at OMERS Ventures, and I talked about a wide range of issues, including prop-tech, insurance, health care, and enterprise SaaS. Early in our discussion, we discussed how Covid-19 has changed what a “hub” means. Michael also talked at length about the notion of […]

Localogy 20/20: eTail Triggers Retail Transformation

The U.S. retail industry isn’t just “over-retailed.” It’s worse that than. It’s “under demolished.” That quip from Naveen Jaggi, JLL, one of the panelists on this morning “eTail” session at the Localogy 20/20 virtual event may seem a little bit flippant. But it drives to the heart of the perfect storm the retail world now faces. […]

Localogy 2020: Cities Undergoing Transformation

We had two sessions on Day 1 of Localogy 20/20 that took a hard look at how the pandemic has forced a real reckoning and injection of creativity into how we think about commercial space. We kicked off the day with a conversation about cities and how we can restructure them to avoid what moderator […]

Oracle and TikTok in Reported Deal

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Oracle has partnered with TikTok‘s Chinese parent company ByteDance. According to CNBC, Oracle has confirmed that it will “serve as the trusted technology provider.” Presumably, this will satisfy U.S. regulators and allow TikTok to continue operations in the face of data security concerns. It appears Oracle has overtaken Microsoft […]