Mastercard Study: Digital Payments are the Now Normal

The “now normal” is upon us. What is the now normal? It’s life as we are now living it. Social distancing, wearing masks, contactless payments. And small businesses are increasingly turning to digital services to carry them through the now normal.  Mastercard has been putting out some important research about small businesses and how they […]

Telemedicine Acceleration Draws Investor Attention

The COVID-19 crisis has forced doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers to find ways to continue delivering care while minimizing the risk of spreading the virus.  One obvious choice is using telemedicine to diagnose ailments and recommendations for at-home treatments, when appropriate. And as technology improves, the definition of what is considered “appropriate” will inevitably […]

Amazon Amplifies Virtual ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ Shopping

This is the latest in Localogy’s Skate To Where the Puck is Going series. Running semi-weekly, it examines the moves and motivations of tech giants as leading indicators for where markets are moving. Check out the entire series here, and its origin here.  One of the innovations we continue to track is computer vision’s use in shopping and commerce. […]