Uber Spreads its Wings in Transit, Logistics

Recently we covered Uber’s $2.65 billion acquisition of Postmates. That move was designed to gain market share in the hypercompetitive meal delivery space. Perhaps while avoiding antitrust scrutiny. This week, Uber went small with an acquisition designed to improve the ride-hailing company’s integration with public transportation systems. Uber has acquired Routematch, an Atlanta-based software company […]

Hulu’s New Platform Targets SMBs with Massive Ad Credits

Localogy continues to expand its coverage of all things local into payments, human capital, augmented reality, and other new sectors that increasingly impact local. Yet we always have a soft spot for topics related to advertising and media. Thus we find Disney-owned Hulu’s new ad proposition for small and medium-sized businesses quite interesting. Yesterday Hulu […]

Will Small Businesses Flock to TikTok?

Earlier this month, the ubiquitous Chinese social media company TikTok launched a self-service ad platform to extract ad dollars from small businesses. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Facebook built a massive advertising business in the local SMB space. As did Google. And both offer self-serve buying experiences. Oh, and just […]