SMB SaaS: The Funding Roundup

Funding Watch is LSA Insider’s series that tracks funding to SMB-focused startups and tech providers. See the rest of the series here. Things continue to heat up in SMB Saas. For those unfamiliar, this sector is represented by companies that build software tools for small businesses. It’s everything from “front of the house” marketing and customer […]

GroundTruth Rolls Out AI-Fueled “Visit Optimization”

Location intelligence continues to be one of the hottest areas of innovation and discussion in local commerce. The underlying dilemma is the sheer volume of commerce that happens offline, while it’s increasingly influenced online (including mobile). Connecting those “O2O” dots is the name of the game. This was the biggest topic that emerged at Localogy’s […]

Video Vault: SaaS — The Next Small Business Revolution

This is the latest in LSA’s Video Vault series. Running semi-weekly, it examines selected conference talks, including embedded video and key takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. Check out the entire series here. At the recent Asiacomm 19 conference in Vietnam, presented by ALSMA, I shared the LSA’s point of view on why small businesses are […]