Mobile Overtakes PCs for Local Search: Now What?

Despite a steady stream of consumer data coming out over the past year that show how consumers increasingly are turning to mobile devices as primary search tools, most marketers, publishers, retailers and brands still don’t give mobile the priority it deserves.

This week LSA reported the results of our latest consumer survey (conducted by Thrive Analytics) that showed 60% of US adults now typically choose smartphones or tablets over PCs to find information before buying products and services offline. The implications of this are huge for all businesses, whether national brands or mom and pops.

Many researchers and analysts will tell you that we’re living in a “multi-platform” world, and if you’re “mobile first” that’s last year’s thinking. Yes and no. Yes: cross-device, multi-platform is the norm now. But mobile is first among equals, especially for Millennials.

Moreover, based on declining consumer demand, there’s more evidence that 2015 will be a “year of pain” for PC makers. PCs are becoming a “work computer” and a secondary device overall. However the PC still reigns supreme when it comes to e-commerce.

In recognition of these changes in the market we’ve got a mobile heavy program at LSA 15. On Monday afternoon (April 20) we’ve got a number of tactical workshop sessions addressing mobile, including:

  • Selling Mobile to Small Businesses: What’s Working?
  • New Rules for Mobile SEO
  • How Location is Being Used to Define and Target Audiences in the Real World
  • Best Practices for Online to Offline Tracking and Attribution

On April 21 – 22 we have the following sessions:

  • How Mobile Commerce Will Change Local
  • But What about the Ad Creative?
  • Advanced Uses of Mobile Location
  • The Future is Beaconing
  • The Programmatic Future: Where Does Local Fit?

That’s 10 dedicated sessions about mobile and mobile tactics: selling, SEO, ad creative, programmatic, commerce, targeting and attribution. You can’t afford to miss it.

If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here. And don’t forget to checkout our our SMB Digital Bootcamp program. We’ve got a limited number of seats (30) for non-SMB attendees.

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