Big Changes Underway at Dex Media

During this morning’s earnings call, CEO Joe Walsh and CFO Paul Rouse outlined some bold initiatives at Dex Media that are set to transform the company on both the revenue and expense sides of the ledger. Several of the revenue initiatives focused on improvements to their owned and operated products – things like product simplification, […]

Is Locally-Focused Marketing the Next Trend in Content Marketing?

Perhaps no better marketing term describes our current digital age better than hyperlocal, which is fast and nearby. Speaking of nearby, 91% of mobile users have their handheld device within arm’s reach at all times, and 75% of Americans admit to taking their smartphone with them into the bathroom. This omnipresent device is a marketer’s […]

How to Clean Up Your Local Listings

We are all aware that bad or incorrect listings exist in the online space. How many times have you found a bad online listing for your business? How many times have you received correspondence from a boss, coworker, employee, or customer saying that your local listings are incorrect? How often have you personally driven to […]