How Low Can you Go? Diving Deep into Local Ad Performance Metrics

Everyone is touting the benefits of location based marketing as a way to target your desired audience and create higher performing ad campaigns.  And there are a lot of statistics floating around that demonstrate the effectiveness of location based marketing.  But will those results be realized in your ad campaign? The larger question is whether […]

Report: Location-Enabled Ad Inventory Grows but Location Accuracy Declines

Location-based mobile advertising platform Thinknear released its Q4 Location Score Index, finding that mobile-location data has improved slightly over time but is still not accurate enough to deliver on the grand promises of mobile-location based marketing. Last quarter there was an overall location accuracy decrease of 7 percent compared with Q3 2014. The data come […]

GoDaddy, U-Haul, The North Face, YP & More Confirmed for LSA|15

The 2015 LSA Conference in LA is still three months away (April 20-22). But the speaker lineup is rapidly taking shape. It will be a more dynamic and diverse mix of companies and speakers than in the past, reflecting LSA’s broader focus on digital. We expect roughly 50 speakers from brands, vendors, agencies, publishers and […]

LSA Members in the Business of Local: Where2GetIt

After 18 years, Where2GetIt is a leading platform provider in location-based marketing technologies and services, and is a top Fortune 500 enterprise business. Brandify, Where2GetIt’s analytics tool, tracks the strength of a brand’s digital presence across local search, social, advertising, mobile and competitors using the Brand Score algorithm. Where2GetIt creates powerful localized brands, connecting online […]